Best Bargain at the All Star Resort?

Disney’s All Star Movie Resort: The Mighty Ducks

Have you ever been at your Disney hotel room, been laying on your bed after a long day of theme-park-long-distance-walking, and gotten the urge to scarf down some delicious treats?

Well, I bet you didn’t feel like walking ten minutes just to get your hotel’s food court. Yet, this is one of the curses of staying at a Disney hotel. Often, your room is light years away from the main lobby, food court, pool, and buses. And you’re thinking… “I paid all this money for this?!”

Do not fear!

The Might Ducks are to the rescue! “How?”…you might ask…

One of the themes at the All Star Movies Resort are the Mighty Ducks! And their two buildings are situated very close to the All Star Music Resort…so you’re very close to the lobby, food court, and buses over at  Music. You’re totally allowed to use those amenities even if you’re staying at the Movie side of the All Stars. Here comes the BEST PART…

ducks2-2 ducks2


The BEST PART is that Mighty Ducks are Standard rooms, so they’re CHEAPER! Normally, you have to pay for the more expensive Preferred rooms (like Fantasia) to be close to the main lobby.

Furthermore, the Mighty Ducks have their own pool! Are you sold yet???!!!

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So how do you get in these rooms?

When you make your hotel reservation, specifically choose All Star Movies. Then, after you’ve got your reservation number, call well in advance to the All Star Movie Resort back office, and ask them to note onto your reservation that you would prefer to be in the Mighty Ducks section. You can even tell them a preference for things like…top floor, corner room, away from the elevator, and anything your heart can imagine.

“Be magically nice. It’s easier for cast members to create magical moments for you, when you’re creating one for them.”


These are all preferences, and the Disney cast members can only do so much. But, they will try their best.

The last part you should do… is you should call the back office at Movies again the day before you arrive. The rooms are going to be assigned either the night before or the morning you arrive. Call them and reiterate your requests, just in case they fell through the cracks. Explain yourself fully, and most of all…be magically nice. It’s easier for cast members to create magical moments for you, when you’re creating one for them 🙂

Bonus Tip

You can view Hollywood Studios fireworks from the backside, top level of building 2 at the Might Ducks!


I hope this tip will bring you a few extra moments of relaxation, magic, and fun!

Do you have an insider tip you’d like to share? Tell us below!!!

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